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Terms of Use

Content for this site is copyrighted unless indicated otherwise.   Many of the plant pictures and plant descriptions are available free for non-commercial reuse.  Refer to credits and reuse terms on individual pages.   Adhere to terms of use by credited sources.

Where reuse of an image is permitted, often you are not allowed to alter the image except to resize it.

DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN COPY OF IMAGES!  Where reuse is permitted,  do not display the image on your site by linking to it from this site.  Often the same restriction will apply to the credited source site.  Unless specifically stated otherwise, you must download a copy  of an image from the credited source (where permitted), or from this site (where permitted), and upload it to your own server.

This site is under development.  Terms of use may evolve some in the future.  Where appropriate, we hope to publish content under Creative Commons licensing.